• Mission Statement...

    By increasing the efficacy of every cleaning product our goal is to provide value to the merchant and confidence and ease to the consumer.

    Mission Statement
  • Professional Series

    Commercial cleaning requires solid solutions. Delamo presents heavy-duty tools that reduce labor and increase value, even for the occasional Ninja Janitor.

    Professional Series
  • Home Care Series

    Household cleaning is necessary, but does not need to be an unpleasant. Delamo offers a line of tools. Look and feel beautiful with Delamo Home Care.

    Home Care Series
  • Green Clean

    Preserving our resources! Green Clean products are made from a specially formulated material using recycled tires and plastics that would normally end up in landfills.

    Superior Design
  • Superior Design

    Delamo Professional and Home Care products are collections of cleaning tools; each specifically designed to improve the most important cleaning factor, people.

    Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Delamo Accountability

    Delamo considers people the essential resource, from employees, to the community to the sustainability of the planet. Every product is made by people with these values.

    Delamo Accountability